Basic Features of FIBC



Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container is also known as bulk bag, bulka bag, bulker bag, jumbo bag and bulky bag. It's made of woven polypropylene fabric. Standard size of FIBC has base from 60 cm x 60 cm to 105 cm x 105 cm with various height up to 2.2 meter. It can be made to other sizes.

Construction & Basic Features of FIBC

With either U-panel or tubular fabric, bulk bags have various features depending on use. To fill the product, it can be fully open top, spout top (chute), flap top or duffle (skirting) top. Bottom has either discharge facility by spout (chute) or closed flat.

Standard FIBC comes with 4-loops. It also can be 1-loop and 2-loops.

FIBC flap top

FIBC - Flap Top

White top flap with drawstrings on a yellow bulk bag. Flap is a polypropylene sheet to cover the top.

Bulk Bag

FIBC - Bottom Spout

Bottom spout is discharging material, it takes a few seconds to discharge full capacity of 1.0 tonne.

Duffle Top

FIBC - Duffle Top

Duffle is a 80-85 cm high skirting of waterproof polypropylene with attached drawstrings to close the top.