fibc lift

Lift simply, lift safely - up to 2.0 tonnes in a bulk bag!

You can lift, store and transport almost all flowable products in our FIBC bulk bags, such as grains, fertiliser, solid chemicals, sands and granules of plastic. We supply high quality bulk bags which are strong, robust and reliable. Our bulk bags are tested and certified international standard ISO 21898. All bags are made of UV treated flexible woven polypropylene fabric.

We supply bulk bags to all cities and regional areas in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, Hobart. Not only do we supply them to Australia, but also to New Zealand, South Africa, Pacific Islands (Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Solomon Islands). We are capable to supply across the world.

Industries Where We Supply Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags For Agriculture & Stockfeeds

Bulk Bags for Agriculture

To store or transport grains, seeds, fertiliser and stockfeeds, we have stock of various types of bulk bags including top and bottom spouts, duffle top, laminated, and inner liner for waterproofing and moisture barrier.

Bulk Bags For Minerals & Chemicals

Bulk Bags for Mining

Bulk bags are used to transporting and exporting hazardous and dangerous goods. Laminated and liner FIBCs for non-dangerous goods are available in stock to fill finest particles of mineral. It also ensures moisture barrier.

Bulk Bags For Constructions

Bulk Bags for Construction

Our FIBCs are widely used to transport, lift and store materials such as sand, soil, cement, concrete mix, concrete dust, pebbles, and rocks. It’s easy to deliver your products in bulk bags. Super strong 4-loops are suitable for helicopter and crane lifting.

Bulk Bags For Transport & Storage

Bulk Bags for Transport

Transporting loaded bulk bags is easy on pallets or by lifting it from the reinforced loops. The filled bulk bags can be transported on trailer or truck. You can export your products in bulk bags by loading them in the container. FIBCs have made transporting bulk materials easy.

Bulk Bags For Aggregate

Bulk Bags for Aggregate

Our 2,000 Kgs bulk bag DFU120X is appropriate to transport or lift aggregates. It has 4 strong loops reinforced to be lifted by forklift, hiab or crane. The bags have duffle / skirting cover with a tie rope attached to it.

Bulk Bags For Wood

Bulk Bags for Wood

Our duffle top bulk bags are used for firewood and sandalwood. They can hold upto 1,500 Kgs. We have various sizes. The most common size is 90 x 90 x 100 cm which is suitable for container load in double stack.

Bulk Bags For Soil

Bulk Bags for Landscaping

1.0 tonne and 1.5 tonnes bags are commonly used for landscaping supply (volume is 1.0 m3) including soil and sand. It can be also used for organic manures, mulch etc. With duffle top to cover, you can use this bag for contaminated soil.

Bulk Bags For Sand

Bulk Bags for Demolition

Our 1.0 tonne and 1.5 tonnes builder bags are widely used by demolition companies. They are open top flat bottom. Size from 0.7 m3 to 1.0 m3. These bags are also used as bin bags for rubbish removal. We customise according to customer's need.