Glossary - Bulk Bag (FIBC)

Terminology/ Glossary

Every industry has their own language. Therefore, it is necessary to know how people refer to things in this industry to identify available options and communicate with customers. Below is some common bulk bag / FIBC terminology to know.


Baffles are pieces of fabric or material that are sewn to the inside corners of a bag to maintain a bag’s squareness, appearance, improve the stability of the load after filling and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space. The baffles have holes that allow the product to flow freely through them.

Bag Height

Height dimension ( in cm or mm) of a FIBC bag measured from the top Seam to the Bottom Seam.

Body Fabric

Main Fabric used on the body of a four panel, u-panel or circular bag.

Bottom Spout

Also called a Discharge Spout, used as an outlet to empty material of the FIBC.

Breathable Fabric/Bags

Uncoated or non-laminated fabric/bags (which is not airtight). Circular Woven Bag – Also called a tubular bag, it is made from fabric woven on a circular loom, the bags are then cut to the specified bag height, and the vertical seams are not required on each of the bag’s sides.

Coated Fabric/Bags

Fabric or bag which is coated/laminated with polypropylene (PP) to prevent moisture intrusion or sifting of the contents. Also called Non-breathable or laminated fabric/bags.

Discharge Spout

The discharge spout, also called a Bottom Spout, is to discharge or to empty the contents of the FIBC. Usually have same diameter and height as filling spout.

Document Pouch

The pouch sewn with FIBC bag made of either polyethylene or polypropylene, it is where shipping or identifying documents are usually placed. Also called a Pocket or Envelope.

Drawstring Closure

A type of spout construction similar in purpose as to a petal closure, but with the loop/string along the circumference of the closure.

Duffel Top

A type of FIBC top whose inlet extends from the top seam and follows the base dimensions. It is also known as a skirt top. Duffle is a 80-85 cm high skirting of waterproof polypropylene. The duffle is made of laminated pp woven material to close the top of the filled FIBC bulk bags. Tie rope/string is attached with both duffle and flap to close the top.

Fabric Weight

This is the weight of the bag in grams per bag. For example fabric weight 1875 grams means one piece bag’s weight is 1.875 Kg. The fabric weight depends on SWL and SF of the bag.


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. It is also known as bulka bag, bulker bag, bulky bag and jumbo bag.

Filling Spout

A fill spout is a spout usually have 40 cm diameter opening in the top-centre with 50 cm height. Fill spout is used to fill the bag, it reduces dust while the bag is being filled. It is designed to fit the customer’s filling chute during loading. Filling spout can be customised according to customer’s specific needs.

Filler Cord

Typically a polypropylene material used in manufacturing sift-resistant FIBC’S. A rope or braided yarn-like cord that is sewn into a seam to help prevent the escape of fine dusts and powders.


Some bags are made of moisture proof laminated fabric. An FIBC’s material is made from woven polypropylene, which is not waterproof. We laminate the fabric to make it water proof fabric. We also supply the bags with LDPE inner liner (Low-density polyethylene) for water proofing and moisture proofing.

Loop Height

When layed flat the measurement from top of bag to apex of loop.


Lined bulk bags with 80-100 micron thick plastic liners. The liner has 8 tabs stitched to 8 corners of the bag.

Multi-Trip FIBC bags

The Bags designed for multiple trips & reusable feature.

PP or Polypropylene

A type of polymer used in producing mono and multi filament yams and threads to weave FIBC bags.

Production Drawings

A set of documents prepared by the manufacturer which contains the detailed description of an FIBC’s dimensions, features, components and special instructions as approved by the customer.

Safe Working Load

SWL is the amount of load or weight, (in pounds or kilograms), which a bag is constructed to carry. SF (Safety Factor) – Bulk bags are rated at a Safety Factor an industry standard also called Service factor. This implies that the bag is stated to hold 5 times or 6 times weight of its safe working load (SWL), normally written as a ratio, “5:1 or 6:1 SF”.


A sew line made by the attachment/assembly of two or more components.

Sift-Resistant Construction

A type of an FIBC construction that provides resistance from product sifting when the bag is filled with very fine materials. Also referred to as “Sift ¬proof’ construction. The purpose of sift proofing a bulk bag is to stop product leaking from the seams utilizes coated fabric and filler cord in the sew lines.

Single Trip Bag

An FIBC designed in accordance with ISO 21898 for one time use.

Spout Cover

Also called a petal cover, it is a piece of fabric sewn between the spout and the petal closure used to hold in/protect the spout.

Spout Diameter

A dimension of the spout measured across the circular opening. Filling spout can be customised according to customer’s specific needs.

Spout Height

Height dimension or length of the spout measured from its point of attachment on the top/bottom fabric to its free end.

UV Stabilized/ UV treated

A feature of an FIBC fabric that provides protection from prolonged exposure to the sun’s degrading UV rays. An additive is added to the resin prior to extrusion of the yarns to provide this protection.


The size, or amount of material, an FIBC can hold. It is generally measured in Cubic cm.